Campaign & Project Management

Common questions that businesses often ask themselves concerning Campaign & Project Management:

  • bubblebox bullet point How can I expand my marketing team without increasing my fixed overheads?
  • bubblebox bullet point I have a project to complete but don't have the internal resource, where do I go?

Diagram - Campaign and Project Management

Diagram: Campaign & Project Management Process Flow

Campaign & Project Management

bubblebox consultants collaborate closely with all clients to develop a detailed interim marketing management project brief. Being PRINCE 2 qualified our consultants are very process-based, they will tailor and scale projects and maintain strong methodology, guaranteeing that we will deliver to set objectives. Our highly experienced Marketers have:

  • bubblebox bullet point Transformed under-performing marketing teams
  • bubblebox bullet point Developed new marketing strategies
  • bubblebox bullet point Implemented successful lead-generation programmes
  • bubblebox bullet point Turned around sales in declining businesses
  • bubblebox bullet point Launched and managed major brands
  • bubblebox bullet point Designed and managed marketing plans
  • bubblebox bullet point Engaged in consumer marketing of new and existing products
  • bubblebox bullet point Taken companies into new markets
  • bubblebox bullet point Overseen major new product and service launches
  • bubblebox bullet point Recruited and trained marketing teams from scratch

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